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View live Streaming Media or full motion MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV or MOV Clips as a Screensaver. Use our intuitive setup and preview tool to create a playlist of media clips with full audio support. Watch video on your PC! Concert Footage - Live Events - News - Webcasts - Big Brother - and more! GetRight compatible - so you can monitor the status of your Internet downloads while your screen saver is running. Features of this unique screen saver include: * Unlimited Number of Media Clips: Create a list of your favorite Streaming Media, MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV or MOV clips using our handy image preview tool, and cycle through them for display. * Manage your media clip playlist: Save/ Load it as a file - and share with friends! * Play Local or Remote Files (accessed via Network or Internet) * Scrolling Marquee: Display a text caption with each clip. Options include: clip name, current date and time, elapsed time, GeRight download status, or a personal message in any font and color. * Full audio support! Play the video clips with or without audio. * Fast-function-keys provide fast access to screen saver controls! "F9": advance to the next media clip in your list. "F3": mute/restore audio. "F4": pause the media clip. "F1": link to the website. * GetRight Compatible: If you use the award-winning GetRight utility to download files from the Internet, the Active Media Player Screen Saver will display status information, such as the file name and percentage of the download completed. You don't have to disable your screen saver to keep track of your downloads. * Options include: resume playing clip where it last stopped; show Media Player status bar; ignore mouse movements. CORPORATE CLIENTS: We can create a Custom Internet-enabled Screen Saver for your online business. Control the images your customers see - update your promotional message at any time - REMOTELY, via an Internet connection! Contact for info.

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